February 24, 2006

trust me

A little hand holding...

Let me see if I understand this whole port management thingy. The Brits want to sell their cash cow to the Arabs for about what the oil rich emirs in UAE spend on luxury cars every year - 6 billion and change. King George is for it and everybody else in the country (Republican and Democrat alike) is ag'in it.

Well ok, I am a man of reason. I am willing to listen to George's reason for outsourcing our biggest ports to billionaire sheiks who don't have our interest at heart. What is his argument? Simple, we are to trust his judgment.

Would this be the same judgment he used when he said there were WMDs in Iraq and we should spend billions of dollars and spill American blood there? How about his judgment when he sat at his ranch "clearing brush" while New Orleans drowned.

Now I am a man who forgives and forgets - normally. But my patience is wearing thin.

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February 20, 2006

energy r us

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Poor Dick Cheney don't get no respect. It would be easy for me to jump on the bandwagon with every late night comedian on the planet and kick the VP while he's down but it would not be sportin' of me. Besides I am not clever enough to come with any thing original and fresh.

The President is coming to Milwaukee to speak about alternative energy. He is all for it now - six years late however. I really really want to believe he is sincere but something tells me he is just doing some good ole fashion politicking.

I am little suspicious about his motives to say the least. Has his buddies in big oil managed to get a clue and invested in alternative energy? Who is pulling his strings this time? His only agenda for the last six years has been to reduce or even eliminate the taxes of his wealthy friends.

I look forward to hearing his speech at the Allen-Bradley Company, makers of high tech batteries. Stay tuned.

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January 28, 2006

everybody loves a clown


I don't usually regurgitate things I find on the net. But I found a video the other day that was hilarious. It is by far the best imitation of George W I have ever seen.

W is a very funny guy also. He is hysterical. When I am depressed I sit down with a tape of one of George W's press conferences and have a good belly laugh. It works every time. George W would make a good stand up comic in Vegas if he ever gives up his day job.

We have not had a clown in the White House since Nixon. Reagan was also funny but he was a professional entertainer not an amateur like W. They are not in the same league.

Ronnie was a good actor too and I actually thought he was president until I saw the news clip where his wife was feeding him answers to reporters’ questions. I guess in a way, we have already had our first woman president. Sorry Hillary, you won't be the first.

The Republicans may destroy the Constitution and slowly erode our liberties but we will have a good laugh while they do it.

Either click on the photo or the link blow.


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January 05, 2006

family tradition

Last night my oldest daughter asked, "Dad have there been a member of our family in every war?"

"Yes", I replied, "all the way back to the Civil War, as far as I can figure, there have been at least one if not more in every major war including Nam."

"Would you want me to enlist when I am older and fight in Iraq?"

Where did this woman child come from? Yesterday, she went shopping with her mom to buy a dress for winter formal. Today she asks me if I want her to go to some strange far off land on the other side of the planet and fight in a war I don't completely understand.

How do I answer her? I am a veteran and I come from a long line of veterans. Whether to seek adventure, fortune, or fame, my family has served as honorable as possible given the vulgarities of war. There is no honor in killing, even if it is to protect one's own. But this is my little darling daughter. I fed her, cared for her, and changed her shitty diapers. When she was 5, I held her hand as we walked to her first day of elementary school. I watched her grow from a gangly, little girl with more questions than I could answer in to a young woman of fifteen planning for college.

"No father wants for their children to fight and die in a war hon.", I said sheepishly.

But hell, if everyone felt like that, you couldn't get a decent war off the ground, as Archie would say.

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