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November 27, 2005

wig shop


Her eyes were still red when I came down to breakfast. “Are you sure I am ready to go back to school?”, she asked. I knew what she meant. It was not a question of her competence as an elementary teacher. She is back to her old self. Her memory is as good as it ever was and she has regained the confidence she needs to lead children in learning activities. Additionally, I have no doubt she can handle any discipline problem that might arise in her classroom.

Her appearance concerned her. Although she still has plenty of hair at the back half of her scalp, Sandy’s hair loss is significant at the front of her head. She was afraid of how the children and adults would react to her or the things they may say behind her back. There is a chance Sandy will grow much of her missing hair back but she is going back to school in about a month and she needs something to boost her self image. The solution was obvious. We needed to make a visit to the wig shop. This was not an easy thing for Sandy to do. Under normal circumstances, a wig is no substitute for real hair. But these are not normal circumstances.

Breanna, Erin, Steven and I went with Sandy to the beauty shop in New Berlin where they also specilize in synthetic hair pieces for cancer patients. We each had a turn picking out one for Sandy to try on. After about forty five minutes, Sandy had two picked out. She selected a short "bob" and a long one with a fashionable layered look, or so I was told by the female members of the group. What do I know about hair? She should have them by next Saturday and I will post a photo of Sandy's new look then.

Photography in the wig shop was done by Erin.

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November 25, 2005

turkey day


Sandy has been doing so well that I have had nothing to post since October. With only one left to go in December, She was going through one of her last chemo cycles during Thanksgiving week. On Thanksgiving Day, the chemo made Sandy so tired she did not even get dressed so daughter number one had to step up to the plate and do the pinch hitting or cooking, so to speak. Please note the happy look on Sandy's face.

Who knew Breanna was such a good cook? She planned the meal and searched for recipes on the internet. After working at Papa Murphy's Pizza, she went shopping at Pick 'n Save on her own and bought every thing needed including a twelve pound turkey. Wednesday night, she mixed up the dough for egg croisants and left it set to rise. Turkey Day, Breanna was up early at six thirty preparing candied yams with marshmellows, mashed potatoes topped with bread crumbs and cheese, sea foam salad, and a very delicious apple/pecan dressing. The turkey was so tendor, it fell off the bird and on to the serving plate. Breanna had basted the bird with such things as rosemary, garlic, and lemon juice. She has proven to be a better cook than her mom or I so we told her she had to do the Thanksgiving dinner from now on.

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and a merry Christmas. Me thinks it not to early since the radio stations have been playing Christmas music and the stores have started their holiday advertising already.

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