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August 13, 2005

chemo visit


Sandy started her chemo last Monday and the medication caused her some nausea so Dr. Treisman, her medical oncologist or chemo doctor, had to prescribe Proclorperazine to be taken as needed in addition to the Zofran.

Yesterday, Sandy had her first visit with Dr. Treisman. She gained four pounds this past week so the ice cream and chocolates are working. She is doing very well but some days she gets a little down because she hates to take pills and she does not like going to the hospital every day. The person in the photo with Sandy is Dr. Tressman's nurse.

Sandy has a week of radiation treatments behind her and it went very smoothly with no complications except for feeling tired and sleepy after each session. She usually takes a nap after each visit.

We have to find a nice home for Melody, our pet cockatiel. Sandy is afraid to be around it because she is worried it might be harboring dangerous germs. She has become a little paranoid and I can understand why. So if anyone has a place or knows someone looking for a nice loving bird, let me or Sandy know.

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