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July 30, 2005

turtle sundae


Aw yes, give Sandy the simple life. All she needs is a bowl of high fiber cereal for breakfast and a bowl of Edy's Turtle Sundae for dessert after supper and she is as happy as a lark. The brownie is a little bonus.

Sandy lost about fifteen pounds while she was in the hospital and during her recovery. She looks lean and mean at the moment but she will lose an additional one to two pounds a week during her radiation treatments and that will not be good. We spoke to Dr. Allen about it yesterday while we were at the clinic getting a blood test for Sandy. The good Doctor prescibed a dream diet for her: a bowl of ice cream every day. It seems her weight needs to go up and mine needs to go down. That will be a challenge.

Some days are good and some are not so good. Yesterday was a good one for Sand. Her spirits were high. I wonder why?

Today, Sand, the girls and I will be meeting Steven and his girlfriend, Caitlin in Lomira. Breanna and Erin will be spending the night with them. We are looking forward to meeting Caitlin for the first time. Then Sunday, we will pick up the girls and go to Joe Hronek's house (Sand's brother) for a birthday party for Justin (Joe's son). Justin turned 18 on the 28th. HAPPY BIRDDAY JUSTIN!!!!

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